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Santa Monica Pier
photo by Annie Smith

Hey guys!  I'm just an everyday girl who happens to be a wife and a mom of one active little boy and a brand new baby girl.  I love Jesus, coffee & wine, mexican food (cheese dip, anyone?) and a good girls night out.  I've lived from coast to coast over the years but have been adopted by the warm and wonderful South and call Atlanta my home.

I've always loved being a source for friends and family who ask "where did you get that top?" or "what foundation do you use?" or "what should I pack for my trip to Italy?"  These are things I love - travel, style & making an already busy and chaotic life easier one GOOD recommendation at a time.  

Looking good also means feeling good. As a former coach & athlete, my week just isn't right if I haven't made time for a fitness routine.   I love sharing the latest and greatest things that keep my routine fun and interesting!


From casual luxury to a great pair of $20 shoes from Target, life is just more fun when you can share your finds with friends!

Thank you for swinging by...let's hang out for a while!​

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