May 31, 2017

Maybe you went on vacation for the holiday weekend (or maybe you're still on vacation).  We went on a fun little trip to Savannah (recap coming soon!).  When I am on vacation, I try very hard to fit in a few workouts.  That being said, I usually let myself relax and enjoy the down time (and the vacation food) more than I would at home.  Which means when I come home I'm ready to get back on track and detox from all the yummy fo...

May 24, 2017

As a former athlete & coach I really, really enjoy being a part of a team.  Any gym or class that gives me that team-like feeling with the added benefit of competition is right up my alley.  For my Atlanta peeps some of my favorites are: Crossfit South Cobb, Orangetheory Smyrna, Flywheel Midtown, X3 Sports West Midtown.  Add in a trainer/coach that pushes me to my limits and I'm sold.  Recently, though, I've been in a sea...

April 17, 2017

Here's the deal - most days I don't get around to putting on makeup.  With a traveling husband and busy toddler always on the move, I'm lucky to get 5 minutes to get dressed (THANK YOU BUBBLE GUPPIES).   I do manage, however, to pull together a fun little outfit most days thanks to the fact that "athleisure" is now considered appropriate everyday attire.

So here's to mornings.  At least you can look like you...

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