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Back in January I wasn’t looking for a weight loss program or a diet. In fact I typically shy away from anything of the sort since I’ve always lived by the “just clean up your act in the kitchen and workout if you want to see change” philosophy. But I was doing ALL the right things and still hanging onto those last few stubborn post partum pounds so when friend of mine asked me to try it I figured why not get a little kickstart. And you guys IT👏🏼HAS👏🏼BEEN👏🏼A👏🏼GAME👏🏼CHANGER.


I haven’t given up my favorite things, I haven’t cut out any food groups and I’ve lost 24+ inches total and built lean muscle. It’s completely sustainable and fits my busy mom of 2 littles lifestyle. I’ve learned how to fuel my body properly. I have so much more energy (no more 3pm slump), sleep better, and have people commenting on how great my skin looks. I love the accountability too (so important!). Give yourself a little love (and life) back and take a shot. You won’t regret it, I promise 😘 Click the link below to register for my next round!

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