April 17, 2017


It's spring time!  Which means spring break.  Which means it's almost Memorial Day.  Which means it's almost summer and I need to get a tan.  Because I am a better person when I am tan, nah mean?


Lately I've been loving a few key beach essentials (other than a great suit and a drink in my hand): 


I've become a die-hard Sun Bum addict.   The spray: It gives great coverage, dries fast, and still makes my skin feel great (not sticky).  The lotion:  glides on and rubs in quickly (a plus for those squirmy little ones) and lasts FOREVER.  It also smells amazing.  I had to purchase something OTHER than Sun Bum as a last resort this past trip to West Palm and it was then that I realized I will never cheat on you again, Sun Bum.  I love you forever.


Coola Lip Screen - gives you 30 spf for your kisser in a cute little tube and smells like vacation.


It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Treatment - detangles and leaves salty hair super soft.  Bonus: beachy waves!


Sunnylife Towels - super cute, durable and so soft!











Beach Bag & a great hat - here are some of my favorite:
















Yeti Hopper Flip 12 - for when you do anything outside ever.  You need this.




Happy Spring Break Memorial Day Get Ready for Summer!


Talk Soon,





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