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This year, Mother's Day has me reminiscing about that very first year as a new mom. Sam isn't even two and a half yet but it feels like it was a lifetime ago (time does fly, people). I have had the privilege of watching friends become new moms (and second and third time moms) and wanted to share my own personal new mom essentials or what I like to call my "new mom survival strategy."

Moms on Call - Praise the Lord for the precious nurses who wrote this book, Laura Hunter LPN & Jennifer Walker RN BSN. Following MoC has been the best thing that we have done as parents up until this point (Parent's Morning Out is a close second). Getting Sam on a sleep schedule with a bedtime routine has set him (and us) up for healthy sleep habits for the long haul which we can totally see paying off now in toddler-dom. Don't get me wrong there were (and still are) hard days & nights and nothing is perfect 100% of the time. But consistency is key and we worked our butts off at being consistent (even when it was really, really hard). This book (and phone app!) gives you the tools to be consistent and sets you up for success. Babies need sleep, y'all. LOTS of it. Like more than you could ever imagine sleeping as a teenager and then some. Those were the days.

*Toddler moms, fear not. There is also Moms on Call for Toddlers ;)

Aquaphor - Do you remember the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding? How he used Windex for everything like it was a miracle product? This is the Windex of the baby world. Buy it in bulk and thank me later.

Amazon Prime - Speaking of buying in bulk, if there ever was a time to join Amazon Prime, that time is now, new mamas. That $99/year membership works it's butt off in that first year (and every year that follows). From super affordable diaper subscriptions to same-day delivery, Amazon Prime is a new parent's (let's be honest, every parent's) dream. Anything and everything you could ask for at the click of a mouse...and don't forget the free shipping on everything. Actually, free shipping and returns is my love language & I'm pretty sure my husband would marry Amazon Prime if he could. Maybe we should move on because this is getting weird.

Alone Time - Whether it's a Moms Morning Out at your local church, a babysitter that comes over at a designated time or letting your hubs take the wheel on a Saturday morning while you get out of the need to take care of you, mamas. I simply cannot be the best wife, mom, friend, or daughter without being my best self first. For me, my best self means taking time to take care of me whether it be gym time, grabbing lunch with a friend or getting my nails done. Time where I can put away my "mom" and "wife" hat and just be for a few hours.

Mamas - you are the hardest working people on the planet. You owe it to yourself to take the time to take care of YOU.

Other Moms/Moms Group - Your whole world will be that baby and as sweet as this season in your life is, it can also get lonely. Finding other moms in your phase of life who can encourage you, share life with you & commiserate with you while you keep each other company is so, so important!! Not to mention these are the friends who will answer your desperate plea to grab mexican food (babies in tow) at 5:00pm because that's when you eat dinner now, your husband's out of town and you've been craving cheese dip Bless them.

Wine. Forever and ever, amen.

Here's to the most exciting and terrifying year of your life! XOXO

Talk soon,


p.s. Don't forget to give yourself lots and lots and lots of grace. You will need it.

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