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As a former athlete & coach I really, really enjoy being a part of a team. Any gym or class that gives me that team-like feeling with the added benefit of competition is right up my alley. For my Atlanta peeps some of my favorites are: Crossfit South Cobb, Orangetheory Smyrna, Flywheel Midtown, X3 Sports West Midtown. Add in a trainer/coach that pushes me to my limits and I'm sold. Recently, though, I've been in a season of life where I have to make do with what I can do gym-wise. My husband travels most days so it's imperative that the gym have childcare and I can't make it to early morning classes or bootcamps unless he is in town (anyone know a babysitter that will come to my house at 4:45a.m.? Me neither). Enter the ever convenient and life saving YMCA. Sam just loves going to play in their play center which gives me time to get a great workout (and maybe just hang out by myself at the pool for a few minutes). I haven't found a class that I love there so I end up having to workout on my own a lot (an athlete's worst nightmare). But I am enjoying planning out my workouts and focusing on the things I want to improve. Thanks to decades of training I've got plenty of workouts up my sleeve.

Fitness has always been a priority for me so I thought I'd start doing a Workout Wednesday post to share my everyday fitness routines with you. I've posted a little 40 minute full body workout I like to do on my cardio/full body days. You can adjust the weight to fit your needs but I've listed what I use below.

Start with 10 minute treadmill warm up:

30 sec - 3.5mph

1 min - 5.0mph

30 sec - 4.0mph

3 min - 6.0mph

1 min - 4.0mph

2 min - 7.0mph

1 min - 3.5mph

Main Workout:

3 rounds/15 reps each. Finish all rounds & reps for each PAIR of movements before moving to the next pair of movements.


Squat press w/ 20lb. med ball

Balance ball sit ups


Kettlebell swings (American) 30lb

Bosu push ups


Box jumps

Toe touch sit ups with med ball


Row weight machine 50+lbs

Jumping lunges

Finish with same treadmill interval as warm up.

Happy Hump Day!

Talk soon,


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