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When it comes to swim suits does anyone else feel like Memorial Day Weekend is similar ripping off a band-aid? We know it's going to hurt a little but it's unavoidable. We want to go to the beach or the pool but our pale skin and 3-month-old pedicure is telling us to GET IT TOGETHER, WOMAN. Praise hands for spray tans & tan towels.

And can we take a minute to talk about mom bod for a minute? While I am proud of what I've accomplished (birthing a child) and worked my butt off to lose the baby weight I can't help but notice that even now--two years later--my pre-baby body has been somewhat...redistributed. Maybe one day it will all go back to where it belongs but that giant (9.5lb) newborn baby of mine did a number on my body and some days I still feel like I'm recovering. The miracle of childbirth. Sheesh.

Enter the one piece. I am absolutely LOVING the comeback it has made recently. So many cute suits that are subtly sexy but actually practical for those of us that need to run around chasing after little ones. I personally own a few of the suits in my picks above (and the others I have tried on and plan to purchase once I can decide!). I love the way they fit and how they just make me feel pulled together even on the hottest, most active days at the pool with the little guy.

I've definitely gotten on board this one piece train...and all the toddler moms said "amen."

Talk soon,


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