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Maybe you went on vacation for the holiday weekend (or maybe you're still on vacation). We went on a fun little trip to Savannah (recap coming soon!). When I am on vacation, I try very hard to fit in a few workouts. That being said, I usually let myself relax and enjoy the down time (and the vacation food) more than I would at home. Which means when I come home I'm ready to get back on track and detox from all the yummy food I ate while I was away (and let's not forget about that wine). My first workout back from vacation is normally a full-body one, something to burn a ton of calories and make me sweat. Something to make me feel like my body just accomplished something more than lifting that chip to my mouth ;)

Here's a full body, calorie burning workout that I did at the gym yesterday.

5 Rounds

Do every exercise for 1 minute with little to no rest in between (:15-:30 secs MAX):

1. Stadium/Stairwell Runs (if you don't have either you can also use a stairmaster)

2. Burpees

3. Rope Slams (you can also do Med Ball Slams 15-30lbs)

4. Jump Squats

5. Decline Pushups

6. Bicycle Crunches (this is your active recovery before you start the next round!)

Happy Re-Entry!

Talk Soon,


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