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I am going to go on record right now and tell you that I love Texas. It has been a few years now that we have been visiting and I can see why people from Texas are so proud of their great country - er, state. While we mainly go to watch baseball (naturally) we have found a few fun things to do in the Houston area that are worth sharing.

Minute Maid Park

Obviously I'm partial to this place, but I do think that it's one of the best ball parks in baseball (and I've seen A LOT of ballparks, you guys). First of all, it's a dome which means you never have to be hot and sweaty (praise hands). Secondly, every seat in the house is a good one. Really it's just a great night out for anyone - kids or no kids. Go on a Wednesday for $1 Hot Dog Night and eat your heart out.

Discovery Green

We love this place because of the awesome playground and Gateway Fountain which is an a really fun splash pad for kids to jump around in on hot days (which, in Texas, is all of the days). But there is more to Discovery Green than playgrounds and splash pads. From restaurants to yoga in the park and more this place is a hub of activity downtown. Check out the calendar to see the happenings for when you are planning to be in town.


I mean, can you really go to Texas without eating Mexican food all the live-long day? I love the fresh made (right at the front of the restaurant) tortillas and the steak fajitas. If I could eat Ninfa's for every meal I would, but they aren't open for breakfast. The horror.

Kolache Factory

If Ninfa's can't be open for breakfast then this little Eastern European café will definitely suffice. This chain (mostly located in TX) serves up tasty kolaches (a type of pastry that holds a dollop of fruit rimmed by a puffy pillow of supple dough) and klobásník (a Czech version mainly filled with meat & cheese). People have long debated over how you pronounce "kolache," but I grew up (mainly) in Northeast Ohio and 75% of my friend's families were immigrants from Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Poland, Moldova). I consulted with them and they told me it's pronounced "co-lotch-key" so I'm gonna go with that. Any way you slice it, they are DELISH.

Bonus Day:

If you love cute college towns, Chip & JoJo (of Fixer Upper fame), and In-N-Out Burger (YES THEY HAVE ONE), a trip to Waco is definitely worth the drive. Walking through the now famous Magnolia Market at the Silos is a dream for any home decor lover. They also have a bakery and food trucks stationed around what is now a multi-use facility. We had a great time and to be honest if Magnolia Market at the Silos didn't exist I probably still would've gone solely for the In-N-Out. Gotta get it when you can when you live in Chick-fil-A Land.

Texas Forever,


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