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Keeping my skin looking fresh and healthy has always been a top priority for me. My mom started me young with my first ever Clinique skin care regimen (thanks, mom) and I've been religious about my skin ever since. In my mid-20s I added facials to help maintain great skin and that's when I started seeing my esthetician Alicia. She has been my skin care guru ever since! She owns Prana Esthetics in Atlanta and has been in the business for over 32 years. She is simply THE BEST.

We've changed up the treatments I receive as my skin has changed over the years and the results are amazing. She has helped me maintain great skin for 12 years and I am so lucky to have found her! I asked her if she could share with us all of the secrets to great skin and aging gracefully (ya'll need to see this woman...she hasn't aged a DAY in 12 years!). She graciously agreed and I'm so excited to share her with all of you! Make sure you make an appointment with her ASAP and get on your way to beautiful skin!

Casey: What should my skin care regime include?

Alicia: Skin care regimen should include cleanser, toner, eye cream( over 25), day cream with sunscreen, night moisturizer. Cleansing morning and night time, never sleep with makeup or dirty skin.

C: Let's talk about anti-aging - whats important, whats not?

A: Drinking plenty of water for hydration, a minimum of 1/2 of your body weight in ozs.

70% of good skin is exercise and good nutrition. You want high fiber and lots of antioxidant filled foods as in berries and melons. Having great habits and doing routine maintenance treatments are great for slowing down the aging process.

C: What are the best treatments for anti aging?

A: Treatments like microdermabrasion which is a micro-crystal treatment that helps exfoliate skin and remove dead skin build up. Also LED Light Therapy which is wave light technology that helps penetrate products into thee skin & helps with moisture, stimulates collagen and elastin production, makes skin feel firmer and softens fine lines. This is also great for Rosacea (condition of redness due to sensitive capillaries). Those two treatments can be combined together as a super treatment.

C: I always want to look fresh and dewey. Any tips?

A: As we age, using serum/vitamins under night moisturizer is good to give it an extra boost. Many product lines have those available to add to your regimen. If you like a more natural approach, you can also use unfiltered coconut oils as an alternative.

C: What is the #1 complaint you hear about skin?

Most people's complaints boil down to a lack of routine and laziness. If you can get into good, consistent habits and healthy diet and exercise, we all can have great skin. There is no short cut, even for people doing all the fillers and procedures. You have to have a good skin base in order to look healthy and great!

C: What can I do about fine lines & wrinkles?

The most important thing is to stay away from the SUN except for your recommended 15-20 minutes for the natural vitamin D. Other than that, always use sunscreen that can block the harmful UV rays. Usually a 30SPF is enough for normal activity, but if you are doing outdoor stuff, use higher. Just a note, each SPF is about 15 minutes of protection.

Thank you so much for your advice, Alicia! It's good to know we can ALL have great skin!

Talk soon,


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