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photo cred: Yazi Davis

I recently got my girl squad together and threw a blind rosé tasting party because why not?? And also because summer (obviously). We had the most fun and laughed until our cheeks hurt which is always the best (and may or may not have had something to do with the 5 bottles of rosé that seemed to disappear by the end of the party). Here are some tips for throwing your own rosé (or any wine for that matter) party:

Pick Your Time: This is different for everyone. For my group, I chose a Saturday afternoon around 3pm because I wanted it to be a happy hour type vibe and also because waiting until dinner to go out with the girls is just silly (I mean, I can get this party started as early as 8am. I have a toddler and I don't sleep past 7. Pancakes & rosé, anyone?).

Set the Mood: A beautiful table setting and a signature drink are great ways to set the mood. For the table I arranged blush colored peonies and eucalyptus that I picked up from Trader Joe's and I handed out a fun rosé spritzer as everyone arrived to get the party going (you can find that recipe here). Also, having a great playlist that fits the mood of your gathering is important. We went with a laid back summer jams playlist that I found on Amazon Prime Music.

photo cred: Yazi Davis

Keep Them Snacking (And Don't Forget the Water): We had cheese and crackers and chocolate and cheese and cookies and did I mention cheese? It was the perfect pre-dinner happy hour. Make sure to keep some bottled water hanging around to keep everyone hydrated ifyouknowwhatimsayin.

Keep It Intimate: For a tasting you want to keep your guest list to a minimum (aim to keep the guest list around 1 or 2 more than the number of bottles you are tasting. For example, we tasted 4 wines (plus the spritzer) and had 6 guests. This way everyone can visit with each other, hear each other, laugh with each other, and "revisit" the wines they liked best (or finish off the bottle entirely).

photo cred: Yazi Davis

Do a Blind Tasting: Part of the fun was not knowing what we were tasting. I wrapped every bottle in a brown paper bag and had everyone pick their favorite as well as tell how much they would be willing to pay for it. The prices & bottles were revealed at the end!

photo cred: Yazi Davis

Create Your Own Tasting Notes: I have to give credit to one of my favorite bloggers Bev Weidner for this idea. I made up some fun cards with funny "tasting notes" questions (ie: "If this rosé was a celebrity it would be ___________ mainly because ____________.) Some of the answers had us rolling. It was pure gold.

photo cred: Yazi Davis

I'm already planning my next tasting for the winter with some yummy red wines (and maybe white wines in the spring...maybe I'll turn this into a seasonal thing??). Give it a try with some of your friends and tell me all about it!!


Talk soon,


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