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photo: Yazi Davis

Study upon study has shown that day to day stress can do a number on your health. Well, I'm here to say that a weekend away with your besties can help reduce stress and ease your anxieties.

Here are 5 (although I could probably list a million) reasons why a girls weekend is good-no, necessary-for your health:

1. Pure Relaxation - sleeping in, napping, spa treatments, lounging in sweatpants all's a dreamworld that you all partake in because WHY WOULDN'T YOU. No kids, no husbands, no responsibilities; just a bunch of women who know exactly how to seize the opportunity to do absolutely nothing.

2. Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder - Going away makes the hubs (and kids) at home appreciate all the things you do just a little more. Moms especially need a weekend off from the mom grind and all the things that fall under your "mom" job title. It's a sweet little compliment (and complete validation) when you get that one text letting you know that "we can't survive without you."

3. Laughter is the Best Medicine - Being with your girlfriends can cure a multitude of ailments. Hilarious stories about the kids, work, relationships will remind you that you're all in the same boat and you're in this together. Laughing until you cry is an enormous stress reliever and everyone totally understands if you pee your pants a little.

4. Camaraderie - Aside from laughter, the camaraderie you feel from being around a group of people who really know you (and love you to death anyway) can take a huge load off of the day to day worries and anxieties we feel as women. Being able to talk (and cry and laugh) about the things that annoy the crap out of us is kinda like free therapy. Everyone just gets it, you know?

5. No Judgement - Want to sleep in until lunch? We won't wake you. Want to pop open another bottle of wine? Let's have a toast! Pack on a few too many pounds this past Christmas? Nobody cares. There's no judgement here and that's the beauty of these weekends. You can do whatever makes you happy and your posse will embrace & encourage you to keep on keepin' on.

If you can't make it away for a weekend, try to get out for an evening on the town or even an overnight in your own city or a nearby town. Remind yourself that this is necessary for your health!

Happy Travels!

Talk soon,


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