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Lots of things have been changing around these parts! The hubs took a new job around the beginning of June so my day-to-day has been completely turned upside down (in a good way). Now with his corporate office based out of Atlanta his travel load is much lighter and we have him home on most weeknights.

I honestly thought this was going to be a hard transition for me since I had gotten used to handling the Tuesday-Friday grind alone while he was on the road for pretty much the past 8 years or so. I was afraid that my "way of doing things" would be interrupted. But it's been a (mostly) seamless transition and this new phase of our life is really, really great. I can actually get up early and get my workout in with my bootcamp & swimming buddies and that gives me more freedom in the morning (ie: I don't have to go to the YMCA to workout after Sam wakes up). This is so beneficial for me since I love the camaraderie, challenge and competition of working out with others. The YMCA has served its purpose plenty! As a mom with a traveling husband in desperate need of childcare while she works out it was the best fit for us at the time. While there will still be times Dan's traveling and I'll need to utilize the Y, I'm excited for this new chapter because I can get back to working out with other people. The former athlete in me HATES working out alone. It's SO BORING!!!! Dan being home also frees me up to hit up some new gyms in my area. I love mixing it up! Working out has always been part of my life, and I don't feel like my best self if it's not part of my daily routine (rest days included of course).

Speaking of new phases, we are expecting another little Brothers to add to the pack in March and we couldn't be happier! As with Sam, my first baby, I had all-day nausea, headaches and the regular 1st trimester fatigue. I remember the doctor putting me on the pregnancy-safe anti-nausea medicine Diclegis back then and thinking "this isn't really helping." Well I must have been crazy to think that back then because I finally broke down and requested a prescription at about 10 weeks and I felt like a new woman!

The nausea is over now that I'm into the beginning of my 2nd trimester and I can stop with the meds for good. For about 6 weeks there I was dead to the world because I felt like garbage pretty much every day all day (I also looked the way I felt so...sorry if I ran into you somewhere and frightened you). Hopping on the computer or my phone was the last thing IN THE WORLD that I wanted to do. It just made me feel more nauseous. I also couldn't fathom the thought of eating anything but carbs and salt. My poor husband had to suffer the consequences of my food aversions & nausea in my cooking and by "cooking" I mean whatever frozen thing I could heat up so I wouldn't get sick (p.s. he has been a GEM this entire ride, chowed down on that frozen food like it was home cooking and has been so helpful as per usual). I tried once to make chicken tacos and gagged the entire time, but the hubs raved about them so we will try them again another time when chicken isn't the grossest thing ever on the planet to me.

September has been one of our busy travel months. We popped over to Seattle just because and I'm so thankful for the time we got to spend just the 3 of us before we bring home another little one. We just got back from Houston this past weekend where we were spending some time with my family and now we are in Cape San Blas for Dan's family's annual beach trip. I really love traveling this time of year. All the crazy summer vacationers have gone back to school and it's still warm (although I'm dying to wear all the cute new sweaters that have found their way into my closet...sigh). I haven't been able to travel in the fall for about 6 years because the fall is volleyball season and I've always been coaching. It's really nice to have a break and be able to spend time with friends and family.

I'm trying to soak in these months of Sam being an only child before the next little one comes along. To be honest I've had moments where I've struggled with the thought of losing what we are right now. I love our little family, and I know that adding another will only multiply that love but there are days that I feel sad to lose "the three of us." The day will come when I look back and laugh at how ridiculous I sound saying that because I won't be able to imagine life without both of the kiddos but that's just where I'm at right now.

I hope to do more posts like this and share a little of what is going on in my life and some of the things I've learned along the way. I started this blog to have fun, to share things that I like, hacks I've learned and simple, real day-to-day life moments and you guys - I've been having a blast. I truly appreciate you following along!

Talk soon!


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