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Start a Babysitter Fund

You & your partner will most certainly spend the first few months in a baby haze. It was really important to us that once the fog lifted we continued to spend time with one another outside of baby world. One of the first things we did when we found out we were having a baby was to start a "babysitter fund." We just opened an account connected to our checking account and started putting away $5 a week automatically (we didn't even realize it was gone). We've continued to do this ever since because it eases the financial burden of date nights which in turn encourages more of them! I would highly recommend starting one as soon as you can while you're pregnant, it adds up quick and it's a great excuse to get out with your hubs post baby. It probably even calls for a picture (because you showered, and that's a win).

Open a 529

Thinking about your baby's college fund might be the LAST thing on your post-natal mind, but it shouldn't be. After talking with our financial advisor we decided to start a 529 Plan as soon as our first baby came along and plan to do the same for baby #2. The great thing about the 529 Plan is you can choose your monthly contribution to be as little or as much as you want, and you can change the amount as you go. Friends and family can easily gift a contribution to a 529 as well. It's a great response to that birthday question "what does _________ need?" when they really don't need any more toys or clothes ;)

Go on a Babymoon

Whether you're on baby #1 or #5, every couple needs to prioritize a babymoon. It's such a great time to reconnect and prepare for the huge change that's about to happen in your lives. A time to talk about your expectations, goals and plans for this exciting new time in your lives. Oh and also a time to sleep. Definitely, absolutely sleep.

Stock Up on Diapers & Wipes

While I was pregnant I would grab a pack of diapers or wipes when I was grocery shopping or every other time I made a target run (because let's face it, I'm at Target A LOT). Spacing out the purchasing helps to ease the shock of the amount of diaper change (pun intended) you'll have to spend when baby comes. If you're having more than one baby shower another idea is to request a "diaper shower." My co-workers did this for me and between my purchases and the shower we stockpiled our diaper closet for the first few months!

Join Amazon Prime

If you don't already know Amazon is every parent's best friend. You not only get the most bang for your buck on baby essentials but there will be SO MANY TIMES when you need something that you a) forgot about b) ran out of or c) both. Amazon Prime to the rescue! Free shipping always and now they can deliver your groceries (praise hands). Totally worth the $99 yearly fee.

What are some of your MUST DO's to prep for baby? Follow me on Instagram and leave a comment to let me know!

Talk soon,


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