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As we prepare to go into the hospital next Friday to meet our little girl, I'm putting together my weekend bag and remembering all of the things I needed and definitely DIDN'T need that first go 'round. Here's a round up of what you really NEED when you go into the hospital!

1. Weekender Bag - I love my canvas weekender bag from eBags. It's the perfect size for a couple nights' stay, especially when you don't plan on changing into anything other than your pajamas (so you don't need to pack a lot).

2. Your Favorite Pillow - The older I get the more I just love sleeping with my own pillow. I am a huge fan of the My Pillow and have been using one for a few years now. The idea is to be comfortable because you're going to be in that hospital bed quite a bit!

3. Nursing Pillow/Boppy - I wish I would've thought to bring this the first time around, but I just didn't have a clue. It's so much easier than piling up 3-4 hospital pillows to get yourself and the baby in a comfortable feeding position, plus it's great practice for when you bring baby home!

4. Nipple Cream - Those first weeks of breastfeeding are pretty tough on your sensitive parts. I'm bringing my Medela Tender Care Lanolin. I like it better than other brands because it glides on easily and smoothly without being super thick. Bonus: doubles as a great lip balm!

5. Robe - Most of your time in the hospital will be spent feeding and sleeping but having a robe for getting up and moving around the room is a great idea. I like to bring a pretty robe for pictures and company like this one or this one but I also LOVE this cozy, comfy robe from Barefoot Dreams.

6. Non-Slip Slippers - They will give you some lovely hospital socks to keep your feet warm but I plan to bring my own non-slip slippers for comfort. I love these bear sock slippers but if you prefer a moccasin these Minnetonka ones are perfect!

7. Dark, Comfortable Pants and/or Pajamas - You will spend most of your time in pajamas and/or a robe and bra so make sure they are COMFY! I will be bringing these suuuuuper soft pajama pants (great for a c-section as well) to wear with my robe and nursing bra. If you prefer a nightgown this one is a perfect length and is also super soft.

8. Nursing Top/Sleep Bra - I will be bringing this amazing Kindred Bravely nursing sleep bra to wear under my robe (and will also be using my nursing pads with it...see #9). It's soft and comfortable and gives you an extra sense of protection and coverage in a time where you will be probably feel exposed and possibly leaking a lot (those boobs will be out every couple of hours). I prefer this bra to others because of the quality of material but you can certainly find these types of bras at Target or Amazon.

9. Nursing Bra Pads - I'll be bringing my reusable, washable nursing pads to the hospital to deal with any leakage that may occur (something I didn't think about the first time around). Two of my favorite brands are here and here.

10. Going Home Outfit for You

11. Going Home Outfit for Baby

12. Toiletries/Makeup - I'll be using my amazing Rownyeon travel case. If you haven't checked this out yet, it's a must have!

13. Extended Cord Phone Charger - Your bed is normally a few feet away from the nearest outlet so make sure you come prepared with a long phone charger if you don't already have one!

14. Thank You for Nurses - I plan on bringing some Starbucks gift cards for the wonderful nurses to let them know we appreciate their hard work!

15. Good Camera - If you have a nice camera, bring it! It will be nice to have captured some great photos that aren't all on your iPhone

16. Compactable Bag - This could be a plain old shopping bag or I love ones like this. Just something that doesn't take up too much space that you can put all the extra baby supplies from your room in and take home with you! Diapers, little bottles of formula, wipes, pads, disposable underwear, ointment, gauze squares (if you're having a will need these and lots of ointment for his circumcision), you name it, you can take it home with you! They will continue to refill all of your supplies while you are there so make sure you grab some to take home!

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