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OH HI. I'm still alive just taking my time hopping back on the blog train. Plus life with a 3 year old and a newborn leaves very little free time (and when one does have free time, one sleeps). I wanted to share all of the skincare products I have been using post-baby i.e.: when your skin is mega confused and trying to find itself again. Kinda like college but these late night parties involve more milk & less Lou Bega singing Mambo No. 5. But I digress.

Head to toe, my body always goes through changes after pregnancy. The main problems are a bout with post-baby acne and keratosis pilaris on the backs of my arms. But no need to be alarmed by these hormonal changes. They are cleared up quite easily if you have the right tools (and a little patience). I find that being consistent with your skincare makes bouncing back from those nasty old hormonal flare ups quick and painless.

Here are some tricks I use to keep my post partum skin from going too crazy:


Exfoliate bi-weekly. For my face I like to use Tula Pro-Glycolic Resurfacing Gel followed by an anti-wrinkle serum, a great moisturizer and of course an eye treatment. The resurfacing gel is a gentle yet effective exfoliant and I've seen such great results over the past year. It really kept my post-baby acne at bay and cleared it up quickly. I also throw in a detox mask anytime I remember (ideally once a week but let's be real its more like once every few weeks these days).

For body I use a general in-shower body scrub like this one by Tree Hut. I use it all over (especially on the backs of my arms). Always follow up with a really good body lotion (I like this one).


Every night I use my trusty Aveda Hand Relief to keep my hands from getting dry. I love it because it makes my skin feel like velvet and smells like a spa day (if I can't make it to the spa I might as well pretend, ya know?). I follow up with Aquaphor around my cuticles to prevent any cracking (helps the manicure last longer too). Aquaphor is like the windex of beauty products (if you've seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding you know what I mean). I put that stuff on EVERYTHING. My kids dry skin, diaper rashes, my lips, my cuticles, my name it I've probably put Aquaphor on it, LOL.


In addition to my regular skin care routine I've added in an eye-depuffing & brightening gel like this one or this one to wake up my overtired, 4 a.m. baby-feeding eyes. Paired with a great concealer I look like a 26 year old again (or at least like more well-rested 30-something).

Happy Weekend!

Talk Soon,


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