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Being active has always been a priority for me. It keeps me sane and it makes me feel good. Coming from an athletic background I've been doing some form of working out since I was in my early teens. That didn't change when I got pregnant. Thankfully in my first pregnancy I was able to continue regular workouts almost up until my due date. This second time around I was able to keep it up for about 6-7 months before I had to throw in the towel and switch over to low impact walking and yoga (let's just say this second pregnancy brought on more pressure in special areas than the last one).

I gained around 40lbs. in both pregnancies while staying active and healthy throughout. Granted, my first baby was almost 10lbs. But it is true that your body has a weight it likes to hover around when it is carrying a child regardless of the baby's weight. Side note: I never worried about my weight while I was pregnant. Gaining weight during pregnancy is natural and will happen (just stating the obvious here). What I want to say is this - if you are worrying about the number on the scale WHILE you are pregnant...stop. Unless you your doctor has told you that your weight gain could put you and/or your baby in danger, stop. You are growing a human inside your body. I don't care how many times people have said it, it's true and amazing and a miracle. Your time should not be spent obsessing over the number on the scale. Is staying healthy important? Yes. Should you put good things in your body? Of course. But if you are allowing a number on the scale steal the joy from a time that should be filled anticipation and excitement...stop. It's ridiculous. A woman's body is amazing and it will bounce back to your comfortable pre-baby weight. So. just. stop.

Ok, now that I've put that disclaimer out there let's get to the good stuff.

First time around I was able to get back to my pre-baby weight at about 8 weeks post partum. The problem was everything was...relocated. I needed to get tone back, I needed to lose fat in places I never had trouble with before (namely the tummy area). I started doing Sweat with Kayla (or BBG for those of you who follow the hashtag). What I loved about it was that I could do it at home (this was key in those first few months when I didn't have childcare and I couldn't take Sam to the YMCA with me (they have a 3 month age minimum for childcare). I loved that all the workouts were on an app on my phone (no thinking involved). I loved that the equipment needed was minimal. I married this app with my bootcamp workouts and did that for quite a few months. I worked out 4-6 days a week. Once the fall came around I decided I wanted something a little heavier in the intensity department so I joined a local Crossfit gym and added those workouts in once or twice a week.

The 3 keys to success for me were:

1. HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training)

I have a naturally athletic build and I have to sweat in order to see change in my body (and to feel like I got a good workout). With HIIT workouts I am able to get my heart rate up as well as tone up. Some of my favorite workouts are sport-based (I love workouts that feel like a practice). Athletic combine workouts, bootcamp, swimming, kickboxing, Crossfit...these are all things that worked for me.

2. A team, a community and workout buddies

Because I've been on teams my whole life I find that it's easier and so much more motivating to have a friend and/or a group to workout with. It keeps you accountable and keeps workouts fun.

3. Changing it up

I love trying new workouts. I also love NOT doing the same workout every day. It's great for your motivation and great for your body. I have a ClassPass that gives me the freedom to throw in one or two different workouts each week outside of my standing bootcamp days. Some of the workouts I love to do on ClassPass are Flywheel, Sculpthouse (using the mega-former & Woodway Curve treadmill), Barre3 (combo of yoga/pilates/barre) and throwing in a bit of yoga just for a chill day.

Now that I'm officially cleared to workout after baby #2 I am looking forward to sharing what this time around will look like - what works for me and what doesn't. Hope you will join me for the ride!

Talk soon,


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