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*recipe adapted from designlovefest

Summertime is officially here and that means it's rosé season! As a wine lover, a cold glass of rosé on a hot summer night is my jam. But some days I want something a little lighter, something cold to have in hand and sip on with a little more...fizz. Enter the rosé spritzer which is pretty much everything I love about summer in a deliciously bubbly glass of goodness. This is the easiest recipe ever - which is exactly how a summer drink recipe should be!


1 bottle of rosé (I like La Ferme Julien - an easy & light rosé you can find at Trader Joe's)

1 can of grapefruit La Croix (also called Pamplemousse)

Fruit skewers with raspberries, grapefruit & Ranier cherries


Mix equal parts rosé and La Croix, add ice & top with fruit skewer (squeeze grapefruit into spritzer if desired) and enjoy!

Refill as necessary ;)

Talk soon,


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