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If you know me you know I am the LAST person you will catch on a camping trip. I mean, don't get me wrong I love the idea of camping: the great outdoors, fresh air, exploring nature, picturesque views, campfire s'mores...but sleeping on the ground? No thanks. #queenofcomfort

Enter Getaway House. It is the perfect place for those of us who like to be outdoorsy but not "campy." About two hours outside of Atlanta in Georgia's Blue Ridge mountains the drive in and of itself is simply stunning: winding roads and pretty countryside views all ending up in the highest community in the state which has also been dubbed "The Valley Above the Clouds." There are also Getaway House locations just outside of NYC, Dallas, Pittsburgh + Cleveland, Washington, D.C., Boston, Portland and Los Angeles. Use the code CASEYB25 for $25 off of your stay!

We arrived on a sleepy Saturday afternoon and saw that this was actually a community of tiny cabins (lovingly arranged and spaced out for privacy). I loved this because we didn't feel completely alone in the woods but we also felt that we had plenty of privacy. There is a large window in every cabin that gives you a wonderful view of nature and is also equipped with blinds so you don't feel like someone might be peering in your window in the middle of the night. Every cabin has modern comforts like electricity, heat/AC, running water, a shower (with shampoo/conditioner/soap!), toilet and kitchen necessities like a stovetop with pots and pans. The best part? THE BED. The softest, coziest bed (amen). They also have provisions like coffee & snacks for purchase.

We stopped at a grocery store on the way up and picked up our own provisions for dinner and breakfast and most importantly - snacks & wine to drink around the campfire. I brought my Yeti wine tumblers just for the occasion and felt super outdoorsy.

Outside the cabin is a little area with two chairs and a campfire as well as firewood and a lighter and a picnic table. We took in the gorgeous fall colors (highly recommend going in the fall!), we roasted s'mores and drank wine and enjoyed each other's company - undistracted - for the first time in what feels like forever. We had a blast.

I know what you are thinking. Is there WiFi/Cell reception??

Sorry guys. The answer is no. There isn't ANY WiFi and little to no cell reception (depending on your carrier) but that is exactly the point! The beauty of Getaway House is that you can unwind, disconnect and reconnect with your friends and loved ones.

How do you check in/check out?

On the day of your arrival you will receive a text with your cabin name and key code to get into your cabin. No key pick up necessary! I actually loved this because it made check in and check out SO easy and hassle free.

Are the cabins dog friendly?

Yes! We brought our 11 year old labradoodle Lola and you could tell she had a blast being an "only child" again and sniffing everything in sight.

Can you go with a group?

Yes! There were a couple cabins set up right next to each other that would be perfect for a group stay. Dan & I were saying how fun it would be to bring friends next time! Getaway House also offers cabins for up to 4 people so we will definitely be bringing the kids back. I know my son will get a kick out of the tiny cabin and the bunk beds in the 4 person cabin! And the great outdoors is the best place to run and play and explore for the littles!

What is there to do in the area?

On the way up from Atlanta you will drive through North Georgia's beautiful wine country! We gave ourselves plenty of time to stop for lunch and visit a couple of wineries along the way. We stopped at Socks Love BBQ on our way to the wineries but Kaya Vineyards also serves yummy food as well if you want to do lunch & winery in one stop. We had our sweet dog Lola with us so we also made a pit stop at the super dog-friendly Three Sisters Vineyards. They allow dogs in the tasting room (under control and supervision at all times, of course). On the campsite there is also a great hiking trail!

What should I bring?

The cabin has pretty much anything you need but I would bring a couple games and a book next time. They had a small library of books to choose from and deck of cards but as I am not a card shark all I could bring to the table was Go Fish and War. I brought an extra blanket and my Yeti tumblers as well to keep our coffee warm. Check out what else I brought below!

All in all it was a fantastic weekend getaway for my husband and I to reconnect and have some alone time without all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I cannot wait to go back! Getaway House might just make a camper out of me after all ;)

Be sure to use the code CASEYB25 for $25 off of your stay!


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