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If I'm gonna make cookies for Santa you better believe I'm gonna get real boujie with it. I love a good cookie board and figured Mr. Claus would appreciate a one as much as I do! I used Voortman cookies because they are literally all you need and all of the Voortman Bakery products are made with no artificial colors or flavors + NO high-fructose corn syrup.

Dessert boards also make a GREAT addition to any holiday party. The thing about boards is you want them to look FULL. Place your main items on first (the cookies) and then insert everything else you have (candy, pretzels, nuts, etc) around the main items filling ALL the cracks. It's SO easy and looks super fancy. I think this board took me a total of 15 mins to make and a lot of that time was spent opening the packages!

I also decided to take some shortbread cookies and "juj" them up for the big man! All you have to do is dip Voortman's shortbread cookies into melted white chocolate and tap them into some crumbled up candy cane while the chocolate is still melty and warm. Pop them in the refrigerator for about 20 mins to let them firm up and voilà: fancy cookies for Santa that taste homemade....without all the work ;)

Check out my Instagram story highlights for an easy how-to video on how I made this amazing cookie board with Voortman cookies!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Talk soon,


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